Vinyl Siding

Eldon & Son´s Vinyl SidingThe problems you face with your home's exterior beauty, efficiency, and maintenance can all be eliminated with vinyl siding.

Maintenance savings - no more ladders, paint brushes, mess or time off work.

Don't spend weekends or vacations painting and repairing exterior walls! With vinyl siding, you'll find comfort in knowing your home is protected from the elements and has actually increased in value!

Installing vinyl siding on your home is one of the smartest investments that you will ever make!

In a market of look-alike sidings, we at Eldon & Sons, have searched to find the most durable, and most beautiful siding on the market.

Forget about regular - and costly - repairs, too. Our vinyl siding won't chip, dent, warp, crack or rot like wood. Ever!

Just as important, when you choose Eldon & Sons to install your vinyl siding, not only is your home protected by attractive, durable vinyl siding, but you get a company that is licensed and fully insured for your protection.

Soffit and Fascia

Eldon & Son´s SidingBecause soffit is an important part of your home's structure that has to be maintained

It's probably the hardest, dirtiest maintenance chore on the outside of your home: Scrape, sand, and paint the soffit - the hard-to-reach surface under the eave of your home that seems to be a breeding ground for mildew and a magnet for dirt.

You know the routine: Drag out the that upper-rung balancing act as you reach over your head to work...maintain your sanity as paint chips, sanding dust, and paint droplets fall into your hair, eyes, and mouth.

Like most other homeowners who have painted soffit, you've probably sworn: Never again!

But that's a promise that's hard to keep.

And it's more than just for the visual appearance. Most soffit installations also serve a functional purpose. They provide ventilation - the continuous air flow needed to remove excess heat and humidity from your attic.

At Eldon & Sons, Inc. we provide you with beautiful alternatives...such as the outstanding line of premium vinyl soffit panels.

Our soffit provides rugged durability, beautiful colors that can be rinsed to like-new appearance with a garden hose, and the option of using aerated panels to provide ventilation. Plus you get a choice of styles and finishes, so you can pick a soffit panel that looks just right with your siding and trim.

Eldon & Son's premium vinyl soffit - It's a beautiful way to get rid of a dirty job!