Eldon & Son´s WindowsAt Eldon & Sons, we use only the top of the line products to meet our customer's long term needs. One such product is the Sheffield windows which are custom-made for comfort and utilize the latest innovations, materials and manufacturing techniques available.

Welded sashes and main frames extra tough, extra thick extrusion walls for superior durability. A multi-chambered design creates an exceptional insulating air space for optimum thermal efficiency. Each window is carefully pre-measured to ensure a custom fit in the existing window opening, in most cases eliminating the need for costly wall renovations.

Quality windows are an outstanding investment and can help pay for themselves through lower energy costs, freedom from maintenance and increased property value for your home

All our windows are covered by our LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY so you can rest assured you have made a sound investment.

Eldon & Son´s Window Installation

Energy Efficient

Multi-chambered construction of vinyl frames and sashes creates insulating air pockets for optimum thermal efficiency.

Easy to Maintain

Vinyl frames and sashes will never chip, peel, crack or warp. Never need painting or caulking.

Sashes tilt in for easy cleaning. No need to go outside or use a stepladder.

An Investment in Personal Comfort

Replacing your old, unattractive windows with Sheffield windows will help to increase the curb appeal - and the resale value - of your home.

Sheffield windows are guaranteed for a lifetime of comfort.

Eldon & Son´s Installs WindowsSPEND LESS TIME CLEANING, with windows that tilt in for easy maintenance. Windows that never need scraping or painting - ever. SAVE MONEY ON ENERGY BILLS, with windows that can help reduce heating and cooling costs through superior all-weather insulation performance. SEE YOUR HOME IN A WHOLE NEW LIGHT - inside and out - with windows with a beveled master frame and sash design that creates an exceptionally trim and elegant exterior appearance.